This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

The Guide of Mormon Missionary Positions – Satire of Mormons’ politicized stance on same-sex relations and premarital sex in general. Slightly NSFW.

Here’s An Idea You Should Try – Great way to get yourself a divorce from girlfriend and make sure your mom won’t speak to you ever again.

Jim Carrey Gives The Funniest Interview Ever – The most mind bending and hilarious performance delivered by Jim Carrey when he got stopped on the red carpet to be asked about icons!

Poorly Translated Shirts From Asia – Those poor people have no idea what kind of message they’re delivering… Warning: some shirts are NSFW.

Mr. Bean As Everyone – When one thinks of a rugged, versatile actor capable of elevating any role given to them, Rowan Atkinson naturally springs to mind.

Douchebag Style: The Time Lapse – Visual history of the past 70 years of “evolving douchebag style”. You probably have a friend who looks like this.

How to Sneak Into Any Gym and Work Out For Free – Nobody loves going to the gym. But it’s good to stay in shape because of the health benefits. Who am I kidding? It’s so we can sleep with better looking people.

Hilarious Kid’s Drawings of Their Parents – Kids are known for saying the darndest things, but they also draw the darndest things too.

McDonald’s Eyebrows: The Latest Beauty Trend – We truly live in a wonderful time where everything is possible. I’m lovin’ it!

You’ll Never Look at Coughing People The Same Again – I suggest that after viewing this gallery you open Google Image Search and get some more of this stupid awesomeness.

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